Fisher Island

At the time of Miami Beach’s creation and development, Carl Graham Fisher — one of the most highly successful real estate investors and developers within the region — had decided to focus on a new island found right at the intersection of Biscayne Bay and the majestic waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The 216-acre island known today as Fisher Island was purchased by Carl Graham Fisher in 1919 from Dana A. Dorsey, a black millionaire, who had just previously purchased the island from Hermann B. Walker in 1918. The transaction was made possible shortly after Dorsey ended up being unable to transform the island into an exclusive beach resort for black people as he originally intended.

Soon after Fisher’s purchase, he decided to name the island Harbor Terminal Island and began building deep-water docks for a seaport. Soon after that, he became faced with political and legal issues which essentially stood in the way of plans and carried on into the 1960s.

As soon as those issues had become finalized in the 1980s, development of the island finally began with an illustrious collection of Spanish-style mansions and luxury homes that were reminiscent of the 1920s.

Today, Fisher Island is known to be a private island paradise that caters specifically to the high-end needs of rich and famous people who are looking for an opportunity to experience South Florida living from within an upscale community that can provide the exclusivity and privacy that they seek in everyday life.

Fisher Island provides its residents with the absolute convenience of living within a community that has its own private school, post office, shopping center, bank, golf course, tennis shop, and even a fire station with its own paramedics. Other options include a gourmet market, a beauty salon, tennis courts, a polo field, a clubhouse, a yachting center, a marina, and seven first-class restaurants.

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