Fisher Island Marina

One of the best things about living in Fisher Island is the extensive privacy that it provides. Aside from that this exclusive island offers superb security that incessantly protects that interest of its residents. Yet even though the residential community of Fisher Island may seem isolated from everything else in South Florida, Fisher Island still brings its residents close to many activities that make living in an oceanfront paradise worthwhile. And one of these activities is boating.

True enough, South Florida is an excellent place to explore one’s boating prowess. The area of Fort Lauderdale, for instance, is considered as a boating capital. However, for those searching for a way to perfectly combine utmost privacy and luxury without sacrificing their pelagic love affair, Fisher Island certainly offers such advantage.

Fisher Island marinas are excellent and nonpareil.  The private island offers an optimum degree of world-class amenities as well as two marinas equipped with state-of-the-art boating technologies and necessities. Residents need not worry about losing on boat slips because these marinas offer more than a hundred slips that can cater to luxury yachts up to 250 feet. Furthermore, these marinas are also the only deep-water ones in Miami, making them truly an excellent reason for boating enthusiasts to come and try the unique lifestyle offered at Fisher Island.

While it is true that boating is an excellent hobby and mean of spending time with family or friends, the marinas located at Fisher Island further improves the experience by throwing in some sought-after amenities. A fully-featured ship store, for instance, is available in these marinas. Furthermore, aside from the basic utilities, wireless Internet access is also provided. Also, even if one does not own a boat, charters are readily accessible. Yacht and fishing charters provide a superb method of experiencing the thrill of an ocean adventure. And with a seaplane ramp available for small boats, these Fisher Island marinas truly make sure that none is left out when it comes to providing the best ocean getaway.

Fisher Island indeed caters to all the needs of its residents. With its thriving luxury community, this posh residential area offers the perfect synergy of elegant residential experience and exhilarating water activities. Not only does the island provide the best residential options, it also ensures that all residents can still enjoy doing what they love far from the bustle of the busy metropolitan.